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How to download an invoice?

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2019

The invoice type for the Alibaba Cloud Credit Customer is a Monthly Invoice, which means that your invoice is generated every month. It is a consolidated invoice that includes both Subscription fee and Pay-As-You-Go fee.

You can go to the Account Overview page to see the invoices of the most recent three months. You can click the invoice to download it.


If you want to download more information, please go to Spending Summary, select a specific month, and click Download Invoice.



1) Monthly invoices are available after the 6th for the previous month.

2) Alibaba Cloud also sends an invoice email to the registered email address. If you want more email addresses to receive the invoice email, please see the next section.

3) If you want to download a real-time invoice which was generated before you became a credit customer, you can go to the Bills page to see the paid orders or paid Pay-As-You-Go bills, and click the Invoice button to download.