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How to settle my Credit Payment Bills?

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2019

Note: This section is only for customers used Alibaba Cloud Credit Payment function previously and their credit payment bills are not fully settled.

Step 1. Go to Credit Payment Bills to view your previous credit payment bills. The same as manually paying the monthly bills, click the Detail button and review the detail. You can also just click the Settle button and skip directly to Step 3.


Step 2. Review your credit payment bill. This page shows what subscription orders and Pay-As-You-Go bills you have paid by using Alibaba Cloud Credit Payment in that month. Then click the Settle button.


Step 3. You can only settle this bill by making a bank transfer to Alibaba Cloud. When Alibaba Cloud receives your remittance, it will be temporarily stored in your Account Balance. To settle your bill manually click the Settle button as shown below.



After your Credit Payment Bills have been settled, your Credit Limit will increase automatically.