This topic describes how to migrate an instance across zones in the ApsaraDB for Redis console. For example, if the current zone has insufficient resources to upgrade instances or you want to improve the disaster recovery capability, you can migrate an instance to another zone.


ApsaraDB for Redis instances can have only the classic network endpoints or the internal endpoints that apply to virtual private clouds (VPCs).

Notice If the instance already has the endpoints that are listed in the following table, release the endpoints before you migrate the instance. Otherwise, the Cross-zone Migration button is dimmed. The operation cannot be performed.
Endpoint Releasing method
Classic network endpoints that are reserved when the network type is changed to VPC. Release classic network endpoints
Public endpoints Release public endpoints
Private endpoints Release a private endpoint


  • When you migrate an instance across zones, the instance may be disconnected for a few seconds. Make sure that your application is configured to reconnect to the instance after the instance is disconnected.
  • The duration of a migration depends on multiple factors, such as the network conditions, task queue status, and data volume. We recommend that you migrate the instance across zones during off-peak hours.
  • If you migrate your instance across zones, the virtual IP address (VIP) of the instance such as is changed. However, the endpoint of the instance remains unchanged. We recommend that you connect to the instance by using the endpoint. If you use a VIP to connect to the ApsaraDB for Redis instance, the connection fails.
  • If the instance is deployed in a VPC, you cannot change the VPC when you migrate the instance across zones.
  • To ensure better performance and stability, if the minor version of an instance is too low, the system upgrades the minor version of the instance to the latest version during the migration process.

Supported migration types and scenarios

Migration type Scenario
Migrate instances from one single zone to another single zone The ApsaraDB for Redis instance is migrated to the zone where an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance is deployed. Then, the ECS instance can connect to the ApsaraDB for Redis instance over the internal network with lower network latency.
Migrate an ApsaraDB for Redis instance from one zone to multiple zones You want to achieve disaster recovery across data centers for the ApsaraDB for Redis instance.

An instance that is deployed in a single zone can handle server-level and rack-related faults. An instance that is deployed across multiple zones can handle data center-related faults.

Migrate an ApsaraDB for Redis instance from multiple zones to one zone Applications with specific requirements.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for Redis console.
  2. On the top of the page, select the region where the instance is deployed.
  3. On the Instance List page, click the Instance ID of the instance.
  4. In the Basic Information section, click Cross-zone Migration.
    Migrate instances across zones
  5. In the dialog box that appears, configure the settings of the destination zone.
    1. Select the destination zone.
    2. Select the destination vSwitch.
      • This option appears only when the instance runs in a VPC.
      • If no vSwitch exists in the destination zone, you must create one. For more information, see Create a vSwitch.
    3. Specify the migration time and select the check box in the message.
      Set migration options
      • Update Now: After you click OK, the migration immediately starts. When the instance state changes to Running, the instance is migrated.
      • Update During Maintenance: After you click OK, the system immediately performs tasks to prepare the migration and changes the instance to the Migrating to Another Zone state. The instance will not be migrated to another zone until the specified maintenance window starts. For more information about how to modify the maintenance window, see Set the maintenance window.
  6. Click OK.

Related API operations

MigrateToOtherZone: migrates an ApsaraDB for Redis instance to another zone in the same region.