If your business servers are deployed in regions outside mainland China, you can purchase Mainland China Acceleration (MCA) for your Anti-DDoS Premium instances to accelerate the access to your business for users in mainland China.

MCA provides users in mainland China with low-latency access to the businesses deployed in regions outside mainland China. This significantly improves the response time when the business is not under attack.
Note MCA cannot be configured independently. MCA instances do not have any mitigation capabilities and must be used with Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan or Unlimited Plan instances.

For more information about the applicable scenarios, see Scenarios.

After purchasing MCA instances, you can use these instances with Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan instances or Unlimited Plan instances to increase the access speed when your business is not under an attack, as shown in Configure Anti-DDoS Premium MCA.


The pricing details of Anti-DDoS Premium MCA are shown in the following table.
Business bandwidth Price (USD/month)
10 Mbps 1,548
20 Mbps 3,096
30 Mbps 4,643
40 Mbps 6,191
50 Mbps 7,739
60 Mbps 9,287
70 Mbps 10,834
80 Mbps 12,382
90 Mbps 13,930
100 Mbps 15,478
Note Business bandwidth refers to the maximum normal business bandwidth that can be processed by Anti-DDoS Premium MCA instances when your business is not under attack. Make sure that the business bandwidth of the instance is greater than the peak value of the inbound and outbound traffic of all services connected to the MCA instance.

If the actual traffic volume exceeds the maximum business bandwidth, your business may be subject to traffic restrictions or random packet losses, and your normal business may be unavailable, slowed, or delayed for a certain period of time.