This topic describes the billing methods of Anti-DDoS Premium Mainland China Acceleration (MCA). Before you use MCA, you must purchase an Anti-DDoS Premium instance. You can purchase an Anti-DDoS Premium instance for services deployed outside mainland China to defend against DDoS attacks. When no attacks are detected, MCA is applied to the Anti-DDoS Premium instance to accelerate service delivery to users in mainland China.


MCA is applicable to workloads that are deployed in regions outside mainland China and are under the protection of Anti-DDoS Premium. You can use MCA to accelerate service delivery to users in mainland China when no attack is launched to your Anti-DDoS Premium instance.

Notice An MCA instance does not offer any protections and must be used with an Anti-DDoS Premium instance of Insurance or Unlimited plan. For more information about the use cases of MCA, see Scenarios.

MCA instances are charged only in the subscription billing method. To use MCA, you must first purchase an MCA instance, and specify the specifications and subscription duration. The MCA plan is ready for use after you complete the payment. An MCA instance provides acceleration services within the subscription duration.


The following table lists the prices of an MCA instance. The prices vary based on the clean bandwidth values.

Clean bandwidth
Clean bandwidth refers to the maximum bandwidth that an MCA instance can use to accelerate service delivery when no attacks are detected. The clean bandwidth of an MCA instance must be greater than the peak volume of the inbound or outbound traffic of the protected workload, whichever is higher.
Warning If the actual bandwidth exceeds the clean bandwidth, traffic throttling and packet loss may occur. As a result, your workload may become unavailable or respond slowly within a period of time.

For more information about the clean bandwidth and how to select the clean bandwidth, see Clean bandwidth.

Clean bandwidth Unit price (USD/month)
10 Mbps 1,548
20 Mbps 3,096
30 Mbps 4,643
40 Mbps 6,191
50 Mbps 7,739
60 Mbps 9,287
70 Mbps 10,834
80 Mbps 12,382
90 Mbps 13,930
100 Mbps 15,478

Instance expiration

Instance status Description
Before expiration Alibaba Cloud reminds you through SMS message, emails, and internal messages seven, three, and one day before the expiration date.
Within 30 days after expiration
  • Impact on acceleration:

    You need to renew an MCA instance before the expiration date. After the MCA instance expires, it stops accelerating the workloads.

  • Impact on configurations:

    Configurations of an expired MCA instance are retained for a month (30 days). To continue using the MCA instance with the retained configurations, renew the MCA instance within 30 days after the expiration date.

30 days after expiration If you do not renew an MCA instance within 30 days after the instance expires, the instance and its configurations are automatically released. To continue using the acceleration service, you must purchase another MCA instance.

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