By default, one Anti-Bot instance supports up to 10 domains. You can only add one TLD and up to 9 subdomains or wildcard domains for protection.

For example, you can add as the TLD and up to 9 subdomains or wildcard domains, such as, \*,,, and The total number of domains, including the TLD, cannot exceed 10.

Increase the limit on domains

If you want your Anti-Bot instance to protect two TLDs or their subdomains, you need to pay additional fees. Assume that you have added or its subdomains for protection, the following message appears when you try to add or its subdomains to the same Anti-Bot instance:
You must upgrade your instance to enable protection for more TLDs or their subdomains.

In this case, you need to upgrade your Anti-Bot instance to increase the limit on domains.

You can click Upgrade in the Anti-Bot Service console to upgrade your Anti-Bot instance.