The forms feature is used to import business data fields. You can store the data imported by business personnel to the business system and perform secondary data analysis. The forms feature is supported only in the group workspaces of Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard.


The forms feature can also be used as a no-code online data collection tool. This allows you to customize a form, report intelligent data, collect statistics about data, and analyze the data in one stop.
  • One-stop: You can collect data, create data models, analyze data, and visualize results in one stop.
  • Simple and easy to use: You can create forms without using code. This tool provides a wide range of components. It is easy to use for data developers and data analysts.
  • Multi-user collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate with each other to maintain a copy of data, customize message notifications, and share data in real time.


The forms feature is available only for MySQL databases. The account used to connect to the data source of Quick BI must have permissions on the tables in MySQL database. The accounts must have the create, insert, update, and delete permissions on the databases.

Control description

The forms feature supports the following eight controls:
  • Single-line Text Box
  • Multi-line Text Box
  • Single-select Dropdown
  • Numeric Text Box
  • Date
  • Single Select
  • Tree drop
  • Page Breaks

For more information about the controls, see Control description.


  1. Design forms based on business requirements and write forms to databases. For more information, see Create a form.
  2. Add or modify data written to the forms. For more information, see Manage data.
  3. Manage forms. For more information, see Manage forms.