This topic describes how to manage pending events. When an ApsaraDB for RDS event is pending for processing, you will be notified of handling the event in the console.

You can receive notifications for events such as instance migration and version upgrade by SMS messages, phone calls, emails, internal messages, and console notifications. You can view event types, regions, procedures, precautions, and related instances as well as change the scheduled switchover time.


A pending O&M event exists.

Note If there are unprocessed O&M events, you can see notification badges on the Pending Events button in the upper-right corner of the page.
View pending events in the console


  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for RDS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane or the upper-right corner, click Pending Events.
    Note For an O&M event for which you must reserve the switch time, a dialog box appears, prompting you to complete the reservation as soon as possible.
  3. On the Pending Events page, select the type and region of the event that you want to handle.
    Note The notification, such as the event process and precautions, varies depending on Event Type.
  4. View event details in the instance list. To change the Scheduled Disconnection Time, select an event, and then click Specify Disconnection Time. In the dialog box that appears, set the switch time, and then click OK.
    • The displayed information varies depending on the event type.
    • The Scheduled Disconnection Time cannot be later than the time specified in the Set Before column.

Event types

Event type Description
rds_apsaradb_db_backup Enable individual database or table restoration.
rds_apsaradb_ha Switch services from a primary instance to a secondary instance.
rds_apsaradb_network_mode_upgrade Upgrade the instance network mode (dedicated proxy supported).
rds_apsaradb_network_upgrade Upgrade the network bandwidth.
rds_apsaradb_release_instances Delete an expired instance.
rds_apsaradb_ssl_update Upgrade the SSL certificate.
rds_apsaradb_switch_proxy_tenant Upgrade a shared proxy to a dedicated proxy.
rds_apsaradb_transfer Migrate an instance across zones.
rds_apsaradb_upgrade Upgrade the minor version.
rds_apsaradb_maxscale Upgrade the minor version of a dedicated proxy.