This topic lists out third-party Java and PHP application components and frameworks supported by Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS). If the components or frameworks used by the application to be monitored are not supported, configure a universal Filter interceptor to collect monitoring data.

Supported Java components and frameworks

Components JDK 1.7 JDK 1.8
Dubbo 2.5.X+ 2.5.X+
Google HTTP Client 1.10.X+ 1.10.X+
GRPC-Java 1.15+ 1.15+
HttpClient 3 3.X+ 3.X+
HttpClient 4 4.X+ 4.X+
JDK HTTP 1.7.X+ 1.7.X+
Jetty 8.X+ 8.X+
Lettuce 4.0+ 4.0+
MariaDB 1.3+ 1.3+
Memcached 2.8+ 2.8+
MongoDB 3.7+ 3.7+
MyBatis 3.X+ 3.X+
MySQL JDBC 5.0.X+ 5.0.X+
OKHttp 2.X+ 2.X+
Oracle JDBC 10.2.X+ 10.2.X+
PostgreSQL JDBC 9.4+ 9.4+
Redis 2.X+ 2.X+
Resin 3.0+ 3.0+
Spring 4.X+ 4.X+
Spring Boot 1.3.X+ 1.3.X+
SQL Server JDBC 6.4+ 6.4+
Thrift 0.8+ 0.8+
Tomcat 7.X+ 7.X+
Undertow 1.3X+ 1.3X+
WebLogic 12.X+ 12.X+

If the components or frameworks of an application are not supported, configure a universal Filter interceptor to capture data. Follow these steps:

  1. Add the Arms-sdk-1.7.1.jar to the pom.xml file.
    Note If you cannot retrieve the pom.xml, download Arms-sdk-1.7.1.jar.
  2. Configure the ARMS Filter interceptor in web.xml.
  3. Install the ARMS agent for Java applications.
  4. Restart the application to make the configuration take effect.

Supported PHP components and frameworks

Item Version requirement
PHP version PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 NTS
Apache Apache2handler
Runtime environment of the ARMS agent for PHP Glibc-2.12 and later versions