This topic describes how to reduce index traffic fees by optimizing index configurations.

You can use the following methods to reduce index traffic fees when you use Log Service. For more information, see Enable and configure the indexing feature for a Logstore.
  • Disable the full-text indexing feature and configure field indexes.
    Log Service supports full-text indexes and field indexes.
    • After you enable the full-text indexing feature, log field names (keys) and field values (values) are stored in the text type. Field names and values are included in index traffic.
    • After you configure field indexes, field names of the long and double types are not included in index traffic. You can configure field indexes to reduce index traffic fees.
  • Configure indexes only for some fields.

    If raw logs contain a large number of fields and only some of the fields are used for query and analysis, you can create indexes only for these fields.

  • Disable LogReduce.
    After you enable the LogReduce feature, the total size of index traffic increases by 10%. The following table lists examples.
    Size of raw logs Index percentage Size of indexes generated by LogReduce Total index traffic
    100 GB 20% (20 GB) 100 GB×10% 30 GB
    100 GB 40% (40 GB) 100 GB×10% 50 GB
    100 GB 100% (100 GB) 100 GB×10% 110 GB

    If you no longer need to use the LogReduce feature, disable the feature at your earliest opportunity. For more information, see LogReduce.