This topic describes the frequently asked questions about ICP numbers.

Why is an ICP number revoked?

Your ICP number may be revoked in the following situations:
  • The ICP filing entity (individual or enterprise) submits a cancellation application to the administration office or service provider.
  • The domain name has expired and been deleted, and the new registrant has submitted a cancellation application to the administration office.
  • Your website information is not authentic or accurate, or the ICP filing information is missing. Therefore, the service provider cancels the ICP filing. If the filing information is not hosted to a new service provider for a long time after cancellation, the administration office will revoke the ICP number.
  • If your website contains illegal information, the administration office will revoke your website and entity ICP numbers. In serious cases, the entity information will be blacklisted, and your credential number and website name will be permanently denied for ICP filing.

Can I restore my ICP number after it has been revoked by the administration office?

An ICP number cannot be restored once it has been revoked, and the corresponding website cannot be accessed. We recommend that you apply for ICP filing for your domain name as soon as possible. Your website will be accessible after the administration office approves it.

What is the validity period of an ICP number?

At present, the administration office does not set a validity period for ICP numbers. If your filing information is authentic and accurate, apply for ICP filing change promptly to modify the filing information, or apply for ICP filing to change to another service provider. Your ICP number is permanently valid if your website content does not involve any illegal information.