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Cloud service integration

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports integration with the following services of Alibaba Cloud for building comprehensive enterprise-class technical and business solutions.

Video DNA

Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports fusion with Video DNA service, which can extract unique identifier from multimedia contents (e.g. image, video, audio) as DNA. And by recording such key information (including DNA) on blockchain, we are able to build up platforms for copyright attestation, infrigement tracing, copyright trading. You can refer to the homepage of Trusted Digital Content Copyright Service for more details.

CEN (Cloud Enterprise Network) and DNS Private Zone

Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports hybrid cloud-based consortium network by integrating with CEN and DNS Private Zone. CEN can provide secure interconnectivity between VPC and local datacenter, where blockchain nodes of BaaS and applications are deployed. Besides, DNS Private Zone can provide private domain name resolution and management capbalities for blockchain services within the CEN network.

For Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Security Edition, Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports running Hyperledger Fabric Client SDK (private key management and signature) in Link TEE, which can be leveraged for providing enhanced security for blockchain applications, especially on edge devices in IoT scenarios. You can refer to the homepage of BaaS-IoT Edge & Device Security Solution for more details.

DDoS Protection

Alibaba Cloud BaaS has built in Anti-DDoS Basic Service by default. And BaaS can also support integrating with Anti-DDoS Pro Service and Anti-DDoS Premium Service for protecting critical core business.

OSS (Object Storage Service)

Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports storing a large volume of data or files on OSS, which can be linked with on-chain data by using trusted anchoring technique. This can guarantee immutability of the data or files. A sample application based on Hyperledger Fabric Go SDK has been provided here for reference.

RDS (Relational Database Service)

Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports synchronizing on-chain data into off-chain data store (like Alibaba Cloud RDS MySQL) in near real time (with synchronization interval less than 10 seconds). This can be further combined with business intelligence (BI) service of Alibaba Cloud to achieve off-chain data analysis and visualization.

If you are interested to learn more details of the above cloud service integration, please contact Alibaba Cloud support team by opening tickets.