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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Environment requirements

Either of the following latest Long Term Support (LTS) versions of Node.js is installed: Node.js V4.x and Node.js V6.x. You can run the node -v command to view the current Node.js version.

Install the SDK

We recommend that you use npm to install dependent modules for Node.js. You can visit the npm official website to download and install an appropriate version. All official Alibaba Cloud Node.js SDK packages are prefixed with @alicloud.

  • Assume that the Node.js SDK is downloaded and installed in the /path/to/aliyun-openapi-Node.js-sdk directory. If you develop an application based on the SDK core library, run the following command to install the @alicloud/pop-core module:
$ npm install @alicloud/pop-core --save
  • The --save option in the preceding command adds the module to the package.json file of your application as a dependent module.

Update the SDK

If new features are unavailable in the current SDK version, you can run the following command to upgrade the SDK to the latest version:

$ npm install @alicloud/pop-core --save