This topic describes the prerequisites for installing ApsaraVideo VOD SDK for Node.js. It also describes how to install and update ApsaraVideo VOD SDK for Node.js.


One of the following Node.js packages is installed. For more information, visit Node.js.
  • Node.js 4.x
  • Node.js 6.x
You can run the node-v command to check the Node.js version.

Install the SDK

We recommend that you use npm to install dependent modules for Node.js. For more information, visit nmp. All Alibaba Cloud SDKs for Node.js are stored in the @alicloud directory.
  • Assume that ApsaraVideo VOD SDK for Node.js is downloaded to the /path/to/aliyun-openapi-Node.js-sdk directory. If you develop an application based on the SDK core library, run the following command to install the @alicloud/pop-core module. Example:
    npm install @alicloud/pop-core --save
  • The --save option in this command writes the module to the package.json file of the application as a dependent module.

Update the SDK

If new features are unavailable in the current SDK, update the SDK to the latest version. Example:
npm install @alicloud/pop-core --save