You can go to the subscriptions page to manage the email subscriptions you have created.

The following operations are all completed on the subscriptions page. Follow these steps to go to the subscriptions page:
  1. Log on to the Quick BI console
  2. Click Subscriptions to go to the email subscriptions page.

Search email subscriptions

Enter an email subscription name into the search box and select an email status to search for the email subscription.
Note The following email statuses are available:
  • Pending Schedule
  • Sending
  • Sent
  • Canceled
  • Error

Edit email subscriptions

Click the Edit icon to edit an email subscription.

Manually send emails

Click the Manually Send icon, and set the business date and recipients in the dialog box. This function ignores the email subscription schedule and sends an email immediately. The business time affects the base time depending on which data is collected for building the dashboard.

Suspend scheduling

Click the Suspend Scheduling icon to suspend an email subscription.

More actions

Click the More icon to perform the following actions:
  • Delete: delete the email subscription.
  • Notify: send a notification to the subscription user.
  • View log: view the email subscription log as shown in the following figure. You can check the log when the system failed to send emails.