This topic describes how to create an email subscription task to send subscribed data to specific recipients by using emails.

Background information

The email subscription feature of Quick BI can periodically send snapshots of dashboards or workbooks to users by using emails. This feature is available only in Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard.


  1. Log on to the Quick BI console.
  2. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  3. On the Email Subscriptions tab, click Subscribe.
    Email subscriptions
  4. On the Subscribe page, configure the required parameters. The following table describes these parameters.
    Create an email subscription task
    Parameter Description
    Subject The subject of the email.
    Header The header of the email.
    • The main content of the email, which can be a dashboard or workbook.
    • You can select Screenshot(PC) or Screenshot(mobile).
    • If you select a workbook as the email body, you can only select Screenshot(PC) and must configure the required parameters of the workbook.
    • To ensure that the email can be sent, we recommend that the dashboard be no more than 8,000 pixels in height and the workbook be no more than 200 rows or 50 columns.
    Footer The footer of the email.
    Attachment This option appears only if you select Screenshot(PC) for Body.
    Owner The user who creates the email subscription. After the parameter is specified, it cannot be changed.
    Recurrence The frequency at which the email is sent.
    Start From The date the email starts to be sent.
    • You can select multiple recipients. However, they must use Alibaba Cloud accounts in the same organization.
      Note If an account name is dimmed, the account does not have an email address. Make sure that every recipient has an email address.
    • You can perform the following steps to set an email address for your account :
      1. Move your pointer over the profile picture in the upper-right corner of the homepage.
      2. Click Personal. In the Personal dialog box, set the Email address.
  5. Click OK.