You can call this operation to rerun a workflow instance.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Example Description
FlowInstanceId String Yes FI-9DDAAA3ADA5F6FA2 The ID of the workflow instance.
ProjectId String Yes FP-3535FE0BE5224A47 The ID of the project.
RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou The ID of the region.
ReRunFail Boolean No true Indicates whether only the failed workflow nodes are rerun.

Response parameters

Name Type Example Description
RequestId String B46F8A2A-B46B-415C-8A9C-B01B99B775A2 The ID of the request.
Data Boolean true Indicates whether the workflow is rerun.


  • Sample requests
    /? Action=RerunFlow
    &<Common request parameters>
  • Successful response examples
    JSON format
  • Error response examples
    JSON format
    	"message":"project not exist",

Error codes

View error codes.