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The message "inaccurate query results" is displayed in the log service console

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Problem description

When you use log service to query and analyze logs, the console prompts "query results are not accurate". This indicates that if Log service fails to scan all logs for query and analysis, the returned query and analysis results are not accurate based on all logs.


Inaccurate query results are generally caused by the following reasons:

  • Query time range is too large: if the query time range is too large, all the log data within this time period cannot be scanned at one time.
  • Query condition is too complex: when the query condition is too complex, or the query condition contains some frequent words, log service cannot read the results all at once.
  • SQL computing needs to read too much data: SQL computing needs to read too much data, which may cause inaccurate queries. For example, if the SQL database reads strings from multiple columns, it can read a maximum of 1 GB of data from each Shard. If this threshold is exceeded, inaccurate results will be returned.


We recommend that you narrow down the query scope and perform multiple queries.

Application scope

  • Log Service for WAF