You can call this operation to view a list of job instances.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Id String Yes FJ-BCCAE48B90CCB37B The ID of the job.
ProjectId String Yes FP-257A173659F59685 The ID of the project.
RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou The ID of the region.
PageNumber Integer No 1 The page number to request.
PageSize Integer No 20 The number of records to show on each page.

Response parameters

Name Type Example Description
RequestId String F5540D8F-06E8-4E3C-B47A-D75CED72A795 The ID of the request.
PageNumber Integer 1 The page number to request.
PageSize Integer 20 The number of records to show on each page.
Total Integer 12 The total number of records.
NodeInstances The list of job instances.
Id String FNI-9D14A7CCF2687B84 The ID of the job instance.
GmtCreate Long 1540796248000 The creation time.
GmtModified Long 1540796248000 The modification name.
Type String JOB The type of the node. Valid values: JOB, CLUSTER, START, and END.
Status String OK The status of the job instance. Valid values: PREP, SUBMITTING, RUNNING, DONE, OK, FAILED, KILLED, KILL_FAILED, and START_RETRY.
JobId String FJ-A23BD131A862F184 The ID of the job.
JobName String myJob The name of the job.
JobType String HIVE_SQL The type of the job.
JobParams String ls -l The content of the job.
FailAct String STOP The action to take after failure. Valid values: STOP and CONTINUE.
MaxRetry Integer 0 The maximum number of retries.
RetryInterval Long 200 The number of retries.
NodeName String [DO NOT TRANSLATE] The name of the node.
ClusterId String C-A6C9F4F1E9EC88D9 The ID of the cluster.
HostName String emr-header-1.cluster-12345 The hostname of the host on which the workflow node instance runs. Only master nodes and gateways are supported. You can use the hostname command to view the hostname of the host that you want for running the workflow node instance.
ProjectId String FP-3535FE0BE5224A47 The ID of the project.
StartTime Long 1540796237000 The time when the job instance starts running.
EndTime Long 1540796248000 The time when the job instance ends running.
pending Boolean false Indicates whether the job instance is terminated.
Retries Integer 0 The number of retries.
ExternalId String application_1541559535023_34027 The application ID of the launcher.
ExternalStatus String SUCCESS The external status. Valid values: SUBMITTED, RUNNING, SUCCESS, FAIL, KILL_FAIL, and KILL_SUCCESS.
ExternalInfo String empty The external information. For example, the diagnostic information of a job running error.
ParamConf String {"date":"${yyyy-MM-dd}"} The configurations of the parameters.
EnvConf String {"key":"value"} The configurations of the environment variables.
RunConf String {"priority":1,"userName":"hadoop","memory":2048,"cores":1} The run configurations. priority: The priority to run the instance. userName: The Linux user that submits the instance. memory: The size of the allocated memory for running the instance. Unit: megabytes. cores: The number of allocated vCPUs for running the instance.


  • Sample requests
    /? Id=FJ-BCCAE48B90CCB37B
    &<Common request parameters>
  • Successful response examples
    JSON format
    			"ParamConf":"{\"cyctime\":\"2018-11-23 15:18:19\"}",
  • Error response examples
    JSON format
    	"message":"Project does not exist [FP-3535FE0BE5224A4]",

Error codes

View error codes.