You can call this operation to view the cluster settings for a project.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
ClusterId String Yes C-DCEE11B49C8F42B4 The ID of the cluster.
ProjectId String Yes FP-ED2F3E844FE383AA The ID of the project.
RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou The region location ID.

Response parameters

Name Type Example Description
RequestId String F2168FB7-8E60-44EE-A946-DA887297D3D1 The ID of the request.
GmtCreate Long 1541561123000 The creation time.
GmtModified Long 1541561123000 The modification time.
ProjectId String String The ID of the project.
ClusterId String C-DCEE11B49C8F42B4 The ID of the cluster.
DefaultUser String hadoop The default Linux user to submit jobs.
DefaultQueue String default The default queue for job submission.
UserList String "User": ["hadoop"] The whitelist of Linux users for job submission.
QueueList String "Queue": ["default"] The whitelist of queues for job submission.
HostList String "Host":["emr-header-1.cluster-500159692" The whitelist of hosts for job submission.


  • Sample requests
    /? Action=DescribeFlowProjectClusterSetting
    &<Common request parameters>
  • Successful response examples
    JSON format
  • Error response examples
    JSON format
    	"message":"Project does not exist [FP-3535FE0BE5224A4]",

Error codes

View error codes.