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Peak Bandwidth

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2018


The bandwidth cap function sets the maximum bandwidth value for average bandwidth measured during each statistical cycle (five minutes). If the average bandwidth exceeds the maximum,You will receive a text message prompt .You can choose to enable or disable the peak bandwidth function based on the actual usage of your domain name.

  • The bandwidth cap function is not currently available for wildcard domain names, so the function has no effect even it is enabled.
  • Set the Bandwidth Upper Threshold,the VOD service is not affected.


  1. Log on to the VoD console.

  2. On the Domain Names page, choose the domain name, then click Configure.

  3. Choose Advanced, then click Modify under the Peak Bandwidth label.

  4. Enable the bandwidth cap function. Choose the unit from bps,Mbps, Gbps, or Tbps.Enable bandwith cap function

    Bandwidth value can be set in powers of thousand.

  5. Click OK. Then the peak bandwidth is successfully enabled.