You can call the CreateTable operation to create a table based on specified table schema information.

When creating a table in Table Store, you must specify the primary key of the table. A primary key contains one to four primary key columns. Each primary key column has a name and a data type.


   * Create the table based on specified table schema information.
  createTable(params, callback)
Note After the table is created in Table Store, it takes several seconds to load the table. Do not perform any operations during this period.


The following code provides an example of how to create a table with two primary key columns and a reserved read/write throughput of (0,0):

var client = require('./client');

var params = {
  tableMeta: {
    tableName: 'sampleTable',
    primaryKey: [
        name: 'gid',
        type: 'INTEGER'
        name: 'uid',
        type: 'INTEGER'
  reservedThroughput: {
    capacityUnit: {
      read: 0,
      write: 0
  tableOptions: {
    timeToLive: -1,// The data validity period in seconds. –1 indicates that the data never expires. To set the validity period to one year, set timeToLive to 365 × 24 × 3600.
    maxVersions: 1//The maximum number of versions that can be saved in each column. The value of 1 indicates that only the latest version is saved in each column.

client.createTable(params, function (err, data) {
  if (err) {
    console.log('error:', err);
  console.log('success:', data);
Note Code details can be obtained at createTable@GitHub.