You can call this operation to view the details of a cluster template.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
BizId String Yes CT-35498C56B3F12002 The ID of the cluster template.
AccessKeyId String Yes LTAI8ljWyu7y**** The AccessKey ID.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
RequestId String F2BF8586-045D-4104-B00C-44A4AA619C05 The ID of the request.
TemplateInfo The details of the cluster template.
Id String CT-4A6799A79D73385B The ID of the cluster template.
TemplateName String template_name_2 The name of the cluster template.
EmrVer String EMR-3.16.0 The EMR version.
LogEnable Boolean true Indicates whether OSS logging is enabled.
LogPath String oss//bucketname/path The log path in OSS.
UserId String 125046002175**** The ID of the user that creates the cluster template.
UserDefinedEmrEcsRole String AliyunEmrEcsDefaultRole The role that is assigned to EMR for calling ECS resources.
MasterNodeTotal Integer 1 The number of master nodes.
VpcId String vpc-bp1l4urd87xlh7i4bju4h The ID of the VPC.
VSwitchId String vsw-bp10tvjyc77psy0z5h0ni The ID of the VSwitch.
NetType String vpc The type of the network.
IoOptimized Boolean true Indicates whether I/O optimization is enabled.
InstanceGeneration String ecs-3 The generation of ECS instances.
HighAvailabilityEnable Boolean true Indicates whether the cluster is a high-availability cluster.
EasEnable Boolean true Indicates whether the cluster is a high-security cluster.
GmtCreate Long 1543765033000 The creation time.
GmtModified Long 1543765033000 The modification time.
ZoneId String cn-hangzhou-b The zone ID.
ClusterType String HADOOP The type of the cluster.
SecurityGroupId String sg-bp1id7ajv83kmqwq2isx The ID of the security group.
SecurityGroupName String emr_sg The name of the security group to be created.
Configurations String [{"classification": "core-site","properties": {"fs.trash.interval": "61"}},{"classification": "hadoop-log4j","properties": {"hadoop.log.file": "hadoop1.log","hadoop.root.logger": "INFO","a.b.c": "ABC"}}] The custom software configurations. Before a cluster starts, you can specify a JSON file and modify software configuration.
AllowNotebook Boolean false Indicates whether Notebook is allowed.
CreateSource String 2 The method used to create the cluster template.
UseLocalMetaDb Boolean true Indicates whether the local Hive metadatabase is used.
SshEnable Boolean true Indicates whether SSH is enabled.
IsOpenPublicIp Boolean true Indicates whether the public IP address is assigned.
DepositType String FULL_MANAGED The hosting type.
MachineType String ECS The machine type.
UseCustomHiveMetaDb Boolean false A reserved parameter.
InitCustomHiveMetaDb Boolean true A reserved parameter.
BootstrapActionList The list of bootstrap actions.
Name String action_name The name of the action.
Path String oss://bucket/path The path where the bootstrap action script is stored.
Arg String --a The argument that you pass into the bootstrap action.
HostGroupList The list of node groups.
HostGroupId String 0 A reserved parameter.
HostGroupName String Master instance group The name of the node group.
HostGroupType String MASTER The type of the node group.
ChargeType String PostPaid The billing method.
Period String 36 The length of the subscription. Unit: days.
NodeCount Integer 2 The number of nodes in the node group.
InstanceType String ecs.mn4.2xlarge The instance type of the node group.
DiskType String CLOUD_SSD The data disk type of the node group.
DiskCapacity Integer 80 The data disk capacity of the node group.
DiskCount Integer 4 The data disk number of the node group.
SysDiskType String CLOUD_SSD The system disk type of the node group.
SysDiskCapacity Integer 40 The system disk capacity of the node group.
MultiInstanceTypes String ecs.sn1.xlarge,ecs.sn2.xlarge The instance types, separated with commas (,).
ConfigList The list of custom configuration items.
ServiceName String YARN The name (capitalized) of the service that is configured by using the custom configuration item.
FileName String yarn-site The name of the file that contains the custom configuration item.
ConfigKey String fs.trash.interval The key of the custom configuration item.
ConfigValue String 60 The value of the custom configuration item.
Encrypt String 0 A reserved parameter.
Replace String 0 A reserved parameter.
SoftwareInfoList String ["ZOOKEEPER"] The optional services.


  • Sample requests
    /? BizId=CT-4A6799A79D73385B
    &<Common request parameters>
  • Successful response examples
    JSON format
    				"hostGroupName":"Master instance group",
    				"hostGroupName":"Core instance group",
  • Error response examples
    JSON format
    	"message":"It is not allow to execute this operation,please use RAM to authorize!",

Error codes

View error codes.