You can call this operation to create a cluster by using a cluster template.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
TemplateBizId String Yes CT-35498C56B3F12002 The ID of the template.
AccessKeyId String Yes LTAI8ljWyu7y**** The AccessKey ID.
UniqueTag String No 60a632f0-5909-430d-b65c-1b0f248e4947 The user-defined unique tag.

Response parameters

Type Example Description
String BF4FBAC6-B03E-4BFB-B6DB-EB53C34F2E22 The ID of the request.
String C-D7958B72E59BAB88 The ID of the cluster.


  • Sample requests
    /? TemplateBizId=CT-35498C56B3F12002
    &<Common request parameters>
  • Successful response examples
    JSON format
  • Error response examples
    JSON format
    	"message":"It is not allow to execute this operation,please use RAM to authorize!",

Error codes

View error codes.