This topic describes how to reinstate a released Elastic IP Address (EIP) by IP address or instance ID.

Background information

After you reinstate a released EIP, its default peak bandwidth is 5 Mbit/s and the EIP uses the Pay-As-You-Go billing method (billed by traffic).
Note Released EIPs under each account can be reinstated up to 20 times per month. To increase the quota, open a ticket.


  1. Log on to the VPC console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Elastic IP Addresses.
  3. Select the region of the target EIP.
  4. On the Elastic IP Addresses page, click Request Specific EIP.
  5. Select either of the following methods to reinstate a released EIP:
    • Click the Request by IP Address tab, enter the IP address of the EIP to be reinstated, and click OK.
    • Click the Request by EIP Instance ID tab, enter the instance ID of the EIP to be reinstated, and click OK.