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List of operations by function

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2019

This topic summarizes all the operations that can be called in DLA. For more information about each operation, see related topics.

Account management

API Description
AddAccount Adds a database account.
DeleteAccount Deletes a database account.
QueryAccountList Queries the database account list.
UpdateAccountPassword Resets your database account password.

Service management

API Description
GetRegionStatus Retrieves the service status.
InitializeRegion Enables the DLA service.
UnSubscribeRegion Disables the DLA service.
ResetMainPassword Resets your service account password.

Endpoint management

API Description
AddEndPoint Adds an endpoint.
RemoveEndPoint Deletes an endpoint.
GetEndPoint Queries the details about an endpoint.
GetAllowIP Retrieves the classic network whitelist.
SetAllowIP Sets the classic network whitelist.
QueryEndPointList Retrieves the endpoint list.

Other management

API Description
DescribeRegionList Retrieves the list of available DLA regions.
QueryDataSourceDef Retrieves the list of available DLA data sources.