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DingTalk is an enterprise-level intelligent mobile workspace for organizational management and operations powered by Alibaba Group. DingTalk encourages enterprises to adopt comprehensive digital and intelligent management for personnel, funding, assets, and task resources by offering a simple, efficient, and safe manner of working within its workspace. DingTalk aims to help enterprises realize the strides and evolution taking place in the cloud and mobile era and improve operational management efficiency. DingTalk supports multiple languages and all kinds of mainstream operating systems.

Keeping teachers and students well connected during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging for many educational organizations. Many organizations are embracing the benefits of online education or exploring its possibilities for more flexibility. DingTalk is an intelligent, efficient, stable, and secure e-learning platform that has facilitated online education for all sizes of educational organizations, such as Xidian University, Nan Hwa High School, and WISE Education. DingTalk is now partnering with Pearson Education to help students achieve academic excellence through online education.

Solution Highlights

  • Organization Contact Management

    It’s easy to create and view the organization’s structure and reach anyone in the organization in seconds without knowing their phone numbers or emails.

  • Efficient and Secure Messaging

    Private or group chat messages are all marked with “read” or “unread.” Use “DING” to create an instant pop-up notification for urgent messages. DingTalk guarantees information security.

  • Free HD Video Meetings

    DingTalk offers free HD online video meetings with up to 302 participants on the DingTalk mobile and desktop apps.

  • Features Dedicated to Education

    DingTalk allows you to make classroom and parent groups, hold online classes, assign and retrieve homework, and create goals to group members to facilitate education.

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Tailored Features for Online Education

See how DingTalk meets online education needs for all sizes of educational organizations.

Customized Contact Management Based on Organizational Structures

People can view the organization’s structure and reach anyone in the organization in seconds without knowing their phone numbers or emails. This requires organization administers to create an organizational contact list first.

Go to the “Contacts” section in DingTalk. Here, administrators can create a multi-level organizational structure easily. Administrators can choose whether to display contact numbers in the organization structure or not based on privacy.

Manage Classes by Classroom Groups

Teachers and students can communicate in a classroom group. Classroom Groups have many features. You can quickly view the teacher’s messages when there are too many unread messages. Then, store and view the files and messages in the “Class Drive” for an unlimited period. Teachers can start an online class and assign "homework" and “goals” to the students.

Administrators can create classroom groups manually or from within an Excel sheet with three steps. First, open the “School Contacts” section in DingTalk, click "Settings," and select "Create Automatically" on the Classroom Group. Second, specify Class Owners for each class. The corresponding Classroom Groups will be automatically created. Lastly, on the “School Contacts page,” use "Add Manually" or "Import from Excel" to add the students.

Use Intelligent and Efficient Messaging

“Read receipts” are marked with “read” or “unread.” You can recall inappropriate messages with the “Recall” feature. You can use the “DING” feature to create an instant pop-up notification within the DingTalk app for urgent messages. Real names and nicknames are displayed together in the group, so you can easily communicate with each other.

If you have too many messages, use the shortcuts on the top of the DingTalk homepage to quickly check all of the messages that have mentioned you or come from VIPs, or view them later. With DingTalk’s intelligent streamline mode, messages will be delivered to customized categories, and chats without updates will be compressed into sub-folders.

DingTalk guarantees information security. People are auto-removed from all internal groups in the organization after leaving the organization. Screenshots can be stamped with watermarks before sharing with others to protect information security.

Start an Online Class with Real-Time Collaboration Features

Teachers can start online classes with features dedicated to remote teaching, such as whiteboards, hand raising, handout importing, and video playing.

You can start an online class quickly and easily on the DingTalk mobile or desktop apps and invite up to 302 participants. After the class finishes, you can view statistics, such as the duration, viewers, likes, and comments. The class host can record the online class on the desktop app and share the playback with others.

Support Group Discussions Through Free HD Video Meetings

With Alibaba Cloud, DingTalk offers free HD online video meetings with up to 302 participants on the DingTalk mobile and desktop apps. DingTalk makes group discussions and team collaborations quick, easy, and effective. While a meeting is in progress, you can use the mute/unmute, camera on/off, meeting invitation, screen sharing, and “Do Not Disturb” functions to keep the meeting well-organized. DingTalk has a “General Mode” and a “Class Mode” that you can easily switch between as needed. The host can record the video on the desktop app and share it with the group.

One-Click to Share Excellent Assignments

Teachers can rate an excellent assignment when grading, share it in the class group chat, and allow the other group members to view it. Assignments are invisible to others by default. Only assignments rated as “excellent” can be shared in the group chat.

Upgrade to “Alumni Relationship Management” After Graduation

Graduations happen every year. DingTalk offers a smooth transition option for graduate management. Graduates are automatically removed from “School Contacts” but join the school’s Alumni Association. They are sub-grouped by their original class and graduation year. All historical data is stored for retrieval. Administrators can manage the “School Contacts” on the OA page or in the DingTalk app. Go to “School Contacts” in DingTalk, click “Settings,” and change the grade to “Graduated.”

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Customer Success Stories

See how small and large companies are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their businesses

DingTalk improved the English teaching management, changed the classroom teaching mode, and improved the teaching effect. As a result, both teaching and learning have changed a lot. The collision of thoughts leads to language communication, and the growth of students becomes the center of the curriculum.

Ma Gang | Vice President of the College of Foreign Languages

Xidian University is a national key university with information and electronic disciplines as the main subjects and coordinated development of engineering, science, management, and literature subjects. It directly belongs to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and is one of the key universities listed in the "985 Project Innovation Platform" and "Project 211."

Nan Hua High School is not able to conduct any teaching work offline during the COVID-19, so they have been looking for a platform for online classes. For security reasons, DingTalk Lite was chosen as the online teaching platform. At present, teachers and students from the whole school are using DingTalk Lite for online teaching.

Nan Hua High School is a secondary school in Clementi, Singapore, offering a four-year express course. The school is operated by the Ministry of Education and is located in the West Zone school district. After choosing DingTalk Lite, they set up video meetings and live broadcasting. This facilitated a smooth online teaching process and ensured a complete teaching system, allowing students and teachers to send and receive homework easily.

DingTalk has significantly improved the work efficiency here at WISE. The functions provided by DingTalk not only help us save time, they also help me focus on my work.

In 2015, Mr. Vincent and Ms. Eva came to Kuala Lumpur and founded WISE Education. They had to take care of every aspect of the business, including tutoring, after-class student care, homework guidance, and ferrying students to and from the school without any outside assistance. To date, WISE Education has provided services to over 1,000 families, and currently has 20 employees on the payroll. WISE Education continues to uphold its motto to "Bring Excellence and Wisdom to Students," and tailors its programs to suit the specific needs of the customers.

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