Secure Content Delivery Solution

Accelerate static and dynamic web content in a fast, reliable, and safe way using Secure DCDN (Dynamic Route for CDN)


Rendering personalized web content as soon as users interact with it can offer a smooth user experience. This solution uses DCDN, an acceleration service that optimizes CDN for dynamic content delivery. It fortifies DCDN with a full range of edge security functions, such as DDoS mitigation, WAF, Bot Manager, and precise access control, making it a Secure Content Delivery solution. We recommend adding Alibaba Cloud DNS to the solution for fast and secure DNS service.

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Why Secure Content Delivery?

Static and Dynamic Content Delivery

DCDN is an all-in-one product that best addresses the acceleration of static and dynamic content. It intelligently picks the best acceleration strategy based on the request, eliminating the need to modify a customer’s origin.

Edge Security

Alibaba Cloud security capabilities can protect your online business from various threats, such as zero-day attacks and DDoS, via secure DCDN. Gartner, Forrester, and IDC recognize Alibaba Cloud’s excellence.

Quick Start and Easy DevOps

You can get started on the DCDN console within five minutes, leverage rich Open APIs for easy DevOps on programmable orchestration and automation, and use Alibaba Cloud's programable edge computing features to customize your DCDN.

Robust Global Network

DCDN uses Alibaba Cloud global CDN nodes. It can deliver high-speed network access of 150 Tbps of bandwidth and ultra-low transmission latency with network coverage in 27 regions worldwide, including 110+ POP nodes and 2800+ edge nodes.

Best CDN Practice in China

Alibaba Cloud runs the largest CDN network in China with a 95% buffer cache hit ratio for cross-border cases. It can help you stay compliant with Chinese regulatory requirements, such as MLPS 2.0.

Deep Integration with Alibaba Cloud

Secure DCDN can be easily integrated with other Alibaba Cloud products to acquire long-term log storage, powerful data visualization and analytics, and performance monitoring capabilities.

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World-Leading Security Capabilities

Tailored Architectures in E-Commerce, Finance, and Enterprise Applications

Your Challenges
Regulatory compliance, such as PCI DSS, and confidentiality are crucial in finance. Guaranteeing high service availability and improving cross-region access add pressure to financial organizations.

The Solution
The solution combines the confidentiality of private data centers and visualization management of cloud resources to enhance regulatory compliance and provide security protection and service quality monitoring. It safeguards online banking applications, online payment tools, and security trading platforms. The DCDN network empowers efficient financial operations with optimized performance and encrypted data transmission and help you comply with PCI DSS. Check "Alibaba Cloud PCI DSS AOC Report (CDN and DCDN Services)" for more information >>>

Key Features

  • Accelerate node service quality and the source station availability monitoring system to ensure business sustainability
    Improve the transaction success rate and user experience in different regions
    Provide different levels of protection for access security and transaction security to prevent malicious attacks such as zero-day and DDoS

Your Challenges
E-commerce websites and applications require secure and high-performance dynamic content delivery capabilities to handle large concurrent customer demands with registration, product searches, and online payment.

The Solution
The solution uses Alibaba Cloud DCDN to address the mixture of static and dynamic content on e-commerce platforms. DCDN allows you to redirect dynamic user requests to the nearest node for high-performance data transmission through real-time routing and stack optimization and enables smart static content caching on edge servers to reduce fetching from the origin. This solution works with online businesses, such as travel sites, food delivery applications, and all other vertical e-commerce websites and applications.

Key Features

  • Accelerate content loading for cross-ISP and multi-client access to origin sites
    Ensure access stability with an intelligent dispatching network
    Offload the traffic on origin sites by adopting multiple origin fetch policies

Your Challenges
OA, ERP, email, and other online office software usually have poor access experience, especially in an international networking environment, which affects work efficiency.

The Solution
The solution is based on the DCDN network to accelerate enterprise online operations and coordination, including ERP, OA, emails, video meetings, and production systems. DCDN resolves delivery latency problems caused by distribution, bandwidth, and server performance issues by delivering content from the nearest nodes in the globally deployed network, and accelerating websites, streaming, and applications.

Key Features

  • Accelerate global transmission of collaborative office systems, including OA, email, and ERP, to enhance organizational collaboration efficiency
    Ensure safe data access and business system output
    Provide dedicated line replacement capabilities to reduce enterprise IT investment costs

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Security and Compliance

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