How can we store GPS data efficiently?Mobile devices have become quite popular in recent years and the use of GPS is also increasingly commo... Full text

May 19, 2017 14:15 PM from Board - Web Hosting

I myself am a geek, inclined to experience/knowhow sharing. In this article, I primarily describe and share some experience in static cachin... Full text

Apr 17, 2017 14:47 PM from Board - Storage & CDN

Guests in this issue:Li Zhigang, director of Changyou O&M Department;Xiang He, senior architect in Alibaba Cloud.The cloudization trend ... Full text

Apr 13, 2017 14:00 PM from Board - Gaming

Today, image display functions are required for almost all websites, web apps, and mobile apps. These functions also play an important role ... Full text

Mar 21, 2017 9:28 AM from Board - Media and Entertainment

If we regard the computing, storage, network and personnel required by game operation as resources, network is definitely the core resource ... Full text

Jan 3, 2017 15:23 PM from Board - Gaming

Preface From the speculation of cloud computing concepts a few years ago, to the vigorous development of various public and private clouds t... Full text

Jan 3, 2017 10:56 AM from Board - Gaming

Redis, as the most popular key-value database, has been widely used in the gaming industry in recent years. Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for Redis... Full text

Dec 20, 2016 14:12 PM from Board - Gaming

Games are everywhere in our daily life. Online games have in some sense become an important way for us to handle the pressure and relax in t... Full text

Dec 16, 2016 11:32 AM from Board - Gaming

If you want to lease a gaming server, you should choose fast, stable servers with strong anti-attack capabilities. Then among the shortliste... Full text

Dec 5, 2016 13:48 PM from Board - Gaming

Industry requirements Image sharing is a common business scenario in the internet sector, such as e-commerce applications, social networking... Full text

Dec 5, 2016 13:46 PM from Board - Media and Entertainment

Industry requirements On-demand video streaming has become a quite common business scenario in the internet sector. It has two primary busin... Full text

Dec 5, 2016 13:43 PM from Board - Media and Entertainment

PrefaceNearly one year has passed since May 14, 2015 when the official version of HTTP/2 protocol was released. More and more websites have ... Full text

Nov 3, 2016 17:24 PM from Board - Domains & Website

Parameter Filter Feature in Alibaba Cloud CDN Basic Configuration The parameter filter feature can be enabled or disabled in the following p... Full text

Jul 18, 2016 14:38 PM from Board - Storage & CDN

For Startups, Alibaba Cloud Contests Offer Access To China Like most entrepreneurs, Laura Stembridge wants her U.K. company Jambo, a mobile ... Full text

Jul 6, 2016 12:51 PM from Board - Latest Activities

Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC)Want to take your startup to next level? Want to stand on a global stage and show the world your... Full text

Jul 6, 2016 12:45 PM from Board - Latest Activities


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