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Analytics &Data Technology Forum is a place for Alibaba Cloud Users to collaborate and discuss their problems and experience with Alibaba Cloud’s Analytics & Data Technology Services.
MaxCompute is a general purpose, fully managed, multi-tenancy data processing platform for large-scale data warehousing. MaxCompute supports various data importing solutions and distributed computing models, enabling users to effectively query massive datasets, reduce production costs, and ensure data security.
Machine Learning Platform for AI provides end-to-end machine learning services, including data processing, feature engineering, model training, model prediction, and model evaluation. Machine Learning Platform for AI combines all of these services to make AI more accessible than ever.


Voiceprint Recognition – Not Just a Powerful Authentication Tool

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-02-20 Last reply: Raja_KT02-20 00:38

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Image Search Explained – 2 More Methods

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-02-19 Last reply: Raja_KT02-19 14:22

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Technical {Architecture and Advantages, Process of Image Search}

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-02-18 Last reply: Raja_KT02-18 14:10

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Quick Guide to Analyzing Apache Logs on Alibaba Cloud Log Service

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-02-18 Last reply: Raja_KT02-18 12:19

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Finding Similar Images with Alibaba Cloud Image Search

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-02-18 Last reply: Raja_KT02-18 00:55

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Perform Serverless Query and Export Visualized BI Reports on Alibaba Cloud

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-02-17 Last reply: Raja_KT02-17 23:16

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E-MapReduce ----quite handy

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-02-16 Last reply: Raja_KT02-16 21:45

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Table Store Time Series Data Storage Architecture

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-01-26 Last reply: Raja_KT01-26 15:13

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Alibaba Data Lake Analytics

Moderator: Raja_KT2018-11-14 Last reply: Raja_KT11-14 17:50

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Is it possible to write conditional statements in Quick BI?

Moderator: Ranjithkumar2018-08-30 Last reply: Ranjithkumar08-30 20:06

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AnalyticDB - A real-time OLAP Database Service

Moderator: GhulamQadir2018-07-23 Last reply: GhulamQadir07-23 14:03

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Continuous release and evolution of high-availability big data computing platforms

Moderator: Charlene2017-04-24 Last reply: Charlene04-24 16:36

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MaxCompute2.0 Performance Evaluation

Moderator: Charlene2016-11-03 Last reply: Charlene11-03 13:24

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MaxCompute Practice - Data Storage

Moderator: Blanche2016-09-12 Last reply: Blanche09-12 16:38

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