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Welcome to Alibaba Cloud. This forum is for newbies to Alibaba Cloud and Cloud in general. Keeping these questions in this forum we hope to help build community with beginners so that no question is consider dumb. This will help build a solid understanding of cloud services to build solid service on Alibaba Cloud.

[Ask for help] [Forum Admin] Run ESXI on Alibaba

Moderator: brian.alcid2017-05-08 Last reply: shhanshan05-09 14:32

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[Ask for help] [products] ali cloud windows 2012 R2 enable .net framework 3.5

Moderator: lwljimmy2017-02-10 Last reply: DanielHorton05-05 16:49

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[Ask for help] [products] Win Server 2016 enable .net framework 3.5

Moderator: Oh_Help2017-02-19 Last reply: DanielHorton05-05 16:47

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[Ask for help] [products] speech recognition service

Moderator: willie2017-04-21 Last reply: willie04-21 00:06

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[Share] 9-minute Course on Wordpress Setting in Alibaba Cloud Server

Moderator: Elizabeth2016-10-09 Last reply: shhanshan04-18 12:22

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[Ask for help] [Others] How to set VPN and secure ECS RDP

Moderator: cokey2017-04-13 Last reply: cokey04-15 15:16

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[Share] Cloud computing, do you use it in a correct way?

Moderator: Adolph2017-04-05 Last reply: Adolph04-05 13:26

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[Others] Why do a lot of programmers and IT companies hate agile development?

Moderator: Adolph2016-09-20 Last reply: yuliay03-15 22:40

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[Share] Getting Started with Alibaba Cloud

Moderator: Walter2017-02-13 Last reply: shhanshan03-13 16:04

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[Ask for help] [Forum Admin] Deploying hypervisors on Alibaba cloud?

Moderator: explorer2017-03-10 Last reply: explorer03-10 01:16

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[Ask for help] [Forum Admin] User Account in Windows Server 2016

Moderator: Oh_Help2017-03-02 Last reply: shhanshan03-06 11:38

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[Others] After numerous request changes, how to weigh business requirements and technical deliveries?

Moderator: Walter2017-02-23 Last reply: Dave03-06 09:17

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[Ask for help] [products] MQTT

Moderator: laxs2017-02-24 Last reply: shhanshan02-28 14:12

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[Share] Alibaba Cloud Tech Share --ECS Instances Reset Password Restart Management

Moderator: BeginCloud2017-02-25 Last reply: shhanshan02-28 14:09

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[Ask for help] [products] looking glass / locatin speedtest

Moderator: joanserra2017-02-18 Last reply: fridayyo02-20 14:47

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[Share] All about storage

Moderator: Richard_Fu2015-12-24 Last reply: shhanshan02-20 10:05

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[Ask for help] [products] Free Trial Window Storage Issue

Moderator: david_cheong2017-02-15 Last reply: shhanshan02-20 10:04

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[Ask for help] [products] Why Iran is not listed in Alibaba Cloud ?

Moderator: mostafa2017-02-14 Last reply: Walter02-20 09:50

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[Ask for help] [products] RDS SDK C#

Moderator: cat94652017-02-11 Last reply: shhanshan02-14 14:55

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[Share] A review of our 2016 - technical gains and major events

Moderator: Walter2017-01-23 Last reply: Blanche02-06 15:06

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