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This forum is designed for developers to exchange ideas and discuss problems about application development, including Open API, database, development languages and so on.



Open API

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Database Technology

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Mobile Technology & Development

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Java Development

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JavaScript Development

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PHP Development

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Online indexing in SQLServer

Moderator:Elizabeth2016-10-19 Last reply:Elizabeth 10-19 16:38

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Implement REST DataSource using Spark DataSource API

Moderator:Blanche2016-10-19 Last reply:Blanche 10-19 13:27

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New in MySQL 8.0.0 - Role

Moderator:Ysera2016-10-19 Last reply:Ysera 10-19 09:44

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Come and discuss ways to speed up SQL execution

Moderator:Kenan2016-10-17 Last reply:Kenan 10-17 15:44

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Implement configuration-based ETL for Spark Streaming + Spark SQL

Moderator:Dave2016-10-17 Last reply:Dave 10-17 14:34

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An Adventure in the ART World: How to Optimize the Compilation Procedure of the Compiler

Moderator:Adolph2016-10-17 Last reply:Adolph 10-17 09:37

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JCLI, an Alibaba Cloud API Tool that Gives You More Freedom

Moderator:Blanche2016-10-14 Last reply:Blanche 10-14 15:42

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A New Feature of MySQL • 8.0.0: Persistent Auto Increment Value

Moderator:Ysera2016-10-14 Last reply:Ysera 10-14 14:18

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Develop Android applications using Groovy

Moderator:Adolph2016-10-13 Last reply:Adolph 10-13 14:40

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PHP source code learning - thread-safe

Moderator:Elizabeth2016-10-13 Last reply:Elizabeth 10-13 09:45

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Persistent global parameter modification - a new feature of MySQL8.0

Moderator:Ysera2016-10-12 Last reply:Ysera 10-12 16:10

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Predict IT trends from the deployment methods of Java applications – from DevOps to self-DevOps

Moderator:Blanche2016-10-11 Last reply:Blanche 10-11 15:07

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Permission sorting issues in MySQL

Moderator:Kenan2016-10-11 Last reply:Kenan 10-11 11:40

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What You Should Know about MongoDB Sharding

Moderator:Charlene2016-10-11 Last reply:Charlene 10-11 09:29

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MySQL practice: big fields optimization

Moderator:Blanche2016-10-09 Last reply:Blanche 10-09 16:56

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[Activiti: Learning for practice] Core API of workflow

Moderator:Charlene2016-10-08 Last reply:Charlene 10-08 16:50

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Tomcat source code analysis - class loading system

Moderator:Kenan2016-10-08 Last reply:Kenan 10-08 14:55

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Moderator:Charlene2016-09-29 Last reply:Charlene 09-29 11:24

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Spring source code profiling - Bean configuration and startup (3)

Moderator:Adolph2016-09-27 Last reply:Adolph 09-27 14:00

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Spring source code profiling - Bean configuration and startup (2)

Moderator:Adolph2016-09-27 Last reply:Adolph 09-27 13:53

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