Hi I'm very new in using django on SAS, I been having problem finding solution or guide for my predictment, I was able to set Django fo...
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fionatimothyHey Thank you for sharing. I found it very helpful. Appreciated. Please conform to the indentation style dictated in the .editorconfig file....(Mar 10, 2021 22:03 PM)
afzaalvirgoboyHi, Well, I understand there can be several problems for this gateway issue as well as the timeout (which might just mean that the port 8...(Nov 22, 2019 17:50 PM)
kukuciaoHi afzaalvirgoboy, I getting 502 Gateway error, If I type my public ip address following by port number (8000) the issue is connection time...(Nov 17, 2019 12:46 PM)
afzaalvirgoboyHi, What sort of time do you see? If this is a network time out, then I guess the problem is with the network, make sure you can access t...(Nov 17, 2019 5:13 AM)