Hi,I followed the tutorial to point the domains' CNAME to the test URL as per my web hosting. But after hours, it is still unresolved.B...
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Reply(3) Nov 23, 2018 18:23 PM  from Board - Web Hosting
CyberDaengAre you still have problem with this issue or its solved?(Feb 26, 2020 21:33 PM)
Freya009Select CNAME in the Type drop-down menu. Enter the subdomain in the Host field (usually www). Enter the domain/value in the Answer field. En...(Feb 25, 2020 23:28 PM)
hannengHi teabag set the CNAME to your Test Domain. refer to the step here https://www.hanneng.net/alibaba-cloud-dns/ https://www.alibabacloud.co...(Nov 23, 2018 21:35 PM)