Are you worried about the slow running speed of your website in China? Are you unable to access a China-based CDN or web server because you ...
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billu and we register a company at Beijing in china too(Oct 26, 2017 17:40 PM)
billu1. we are chinese,and we regsiter a company in UAE. 2. we buy aliyun cloud server, and we register a domain name from 3. we wan...(Oct 26, 2017 17:24 PM)
Walter At present, business registration certificates outside mainland China are not supported to apply ICP filing. Foreign companies need to appl...(Apr 27, 2017 14:47 PM)
thug91Hi, I just want to double check with you about the application for ICP. My registered company is in Malaysia and I would like to purchase th...(Apr 27, 2017 10:11 AM)
shhanshanRegarding the ICP question, I suggest you submit a ticket to support team, so that they could check if you have ECS that can apply ICP, and...(Apr 11, 2017 11:44 AM)
imd33if aliyun can't do it. please remove it from your site. [图片][图片][图片](Apr 3, 2017 13:01 PM)
imd33 i am not so sure i have ECS or not, what i see in my control panel, it has the Cloud sevice running ( 云服务器 ECS and the Cloud server 云服务器...(Apr 2, 2017 11:11 AM)
Gordon If you don't use ECS of Alibaba Cloud China Mainland Version, you CAN NOT do ICP Filing on Alibaba Cloud. In fact, you don't ...(Apr 1, 2017 16:50 PM)
imd33those unhappy experience, make me want to get out of aliyun, and i found that i can't transter my domain name out to other web host...(Apr 1, 2017 14:29 PM)
imd33i guess you mis understand my meaning, what i said is: i applied a web hosting + domain in Aliyun, but i am not holding any chinese passpo...(Apr 1, 2017 14:26 PM)