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[Others]AliCloud breaks four world records in world computing ‘Olympics’

More Posted time:Nov 9, 2015 17:50 PM
AliCloud breaks four world records in world computing ‘Olympics’

AliCloud Apsara distributed compute system (FuxiSort) broke four world records in two of the most technically demanding competitions during the 2015 Sort Benchmark competition.
AliCloud finished sorting 100 terabytes of data within seven minutes (377 seconds), three times faster than the previous record of 23.4 minutes set by Apache Spark.

What is Sort Benchmark?
Sort Benchmark is a non-profit organization specializing in the evaluation of sorting benchmarks. The annual sorting competition is hailed as the world
Olympics in computing circles with many companies and institutions joining the competition to evaluate their latest technology.
Until 2007, the sort benchmarks were initially sponsored and administered by Jim Gray, a Turing Award winner in 1998, who was praised as a “genius in the database field”. Following Jim Gray's disappearance at sea in 2007, the sort benchmarks have been continued by a committee of Gray’s past colleagues and sort benchmark winners.

Breaker of four world records
The Sort Benchmark competition comprises of four contests, among which the GraySort and MinuteSort being the most technically demanding among the four as they are mainly evaluated on the scale and efficiency of the computing system.
Each contest involves the Daytona category for general-purpose sorting systems and the Indy category for specific customized systems for sorting.
AliCloud Apsara hit a record of 377 seconds in the Daytona category of GraySort by sorting 15.9 terabytes of data within 60 seconds. The previous record, held by Apache Spark, was 4.35 of terabytes per minute.
In the Daytona category of MinuteSort, AliCloud Apsara registered a sorting capability of 7.7 TB/min, which is twice as fast as the previous winner, Samsung’s, 2014 record of 3.7 TB/min.

AliCloud compute competency
Sorting is the most fundamental data algorithm and reflects the overall computing performance of a platform. AliCloud’s performance in the GraySort and MinuteSort contests fully demonstrates its core capability as a world leading cloud computing provider.
“Unstructured data such as video and audio data as well as biological data will experience explosive growth in the future and we need accurate calculations as quickly as possible using as little resources as possible” said AliCloud chief architect Tang Hong.
“In the face of big data, being able to calculate fast and accurately with ease is a core competence in the future of cloud computing,” Tang added.
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