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[Others]Transaction code

More Posted time:Aug 13, 2017 12:26 PM
Anyone can help me, why i can't find my transaction code

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Posted time:Aug 21, 2017 17:08 PM
When you try to add a credit card to your account, two charges are made to your account:
·A $1 USD authorization charge
·A micro charge of a random amount less than $1 USD, which includes the verification code
Both charges will be reimbursed to your account.
Depending on your card issuing bank, you may or may not receive the verification code in the micro charge notification. You can verify your credit card using EITHER of the following:
·The 6-digit verification code
·The amount of the micro charge in USD

If your billing currency is USD, enter the amount of the micro charge to verify your credit card.
If your billing currency is not USD, calculate the micro charge amount using the following method:
1.Note down the amount of the authorization charge ($1 USD), in your non-USD currency, say X.
2.Note down the amount of the micro charge (less than $1 USD), in your non-USD currency, say Y.
3.Divide the micro charge amount with the authorization charge amount, say Y/X, with a precision of two decimal places.

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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Oct 19, 2017 16:57 PM
Dear, Sir or Madam
   Please kindly to help us about the Transaction Code. Can you give us the code early than 7 official day because of we have to buy the Elastic Computer Service within today. Any question,please let me know.