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[MySQL]Express Connect

More Posted time:Aug 6, 2017 7:06 AM
Hi, I need help to connect all of my products together and transfer my files to my VPC to get my Wordpress website up and running. I have the following products.. ECS configure, Wordpress Image, SLB, OSS, CDN. I'm having difficulty in binding my Elastic ID number to my ECS. I presently have a Wordpress website wiht Bluehost, I plannning on when this one up and operating I can transfer the files to it.. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciated it and willing to pay the right price for your help.
What is Express Connect and how does it work?
Thank you

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Posted time:Aug 8, 2017 0:00 AM
1. For Express Connect, please refer to page:
2. You can create a ticket in web console to get help from technical team, thanks.