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[Others]How to delete a cloud instance ?

More Posted time:Jul 15, 2017 21:29 PM
The 'expiring soon' shown in my instances is so 'misleading'. My instances have already 'expired' and it still show 'expiring soon'. And now I have to scramble to delete that instance.

I have stopped my instance, but there is no option for me to delete that instance. Anyone can advice?

Hope they would not charge me for this month for this instance.


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Posted time:Jul 20, 2017 16:32 PM
For prepaid
(subscription) instances, after it expires, it will run 15 days normallly, and
then we will stop this instance and remain the data for another 15 days.  If customers still do not renew this
instance, this instance will be released.
At the first 15
days, if there is traffic out of this instance, we will still charge it from
you. If you don't want to use this instance any more, please stop this
instance. It will be auto released.