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Entering China Market as a Foreign Company.

More Posted time:Jun 22, 2017 15:33 PM
We are a company not located in China but planning to launch game server in China to serve China players. I do have some question on this and hopefully there will be answers on this:
  1. Is there an email for contact as i send an email through the support but seems like no reply from the support email?
  2. Will that be any problem if we want to host the server in China? (During server purchases? ICP Filing etc?)
  3. Currently we are using AWS with the following feature, is it also provided in Alibaba Cloud?
    • Elastic Beanstalk.
    • EC2
    • CloudWatch
    • S3
    • Route 53 (we do have a domain).
    • Certificate Manager
  • Previously
     we do have an domain name to ease our management in Servers and for
    setting up SSL in AWS, and for my understanding that will require us to
    do a ICP Filing in China as long as we do have an domain name. Here are
    some sub questions:
    • Is it possible that we can setup SSL for
       servers without any domain name since it require an ICP filing but we
      are only providing game servers and not website in China?
    • Does Alibaba Cloud provide any feature like Elastic IP in AWS?
    • Is the ICP Filing/Licensing a must if we want to use a domain name in China?
    • Is it possible for we to use the same domain name that we are using in AWS in Alibaba Cloud?

    Thank you and hope to heard from you soon.