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[Promotion Campaigns]Result of sharing your thoughts regarding MariaDB

More Posted time:Apr 27, 2017 14:51 PM
Dear visitors,

The event of Share your thoughts regarding MariaDB (Top 5 get $20 USD coupons) is over.

The TOP 5 comments are as follows:

1. Have you used MariaDB before? What do you think of it?
I'm trying it out right now. But mostly I've used SQL Server from work. I like that MariaDB is GPL-licensed which requires for any enhancements that are used commercially to be contributed back to the source. I think this is the best way to improve technology for society as a whole.
2. Which is your favourite Database? Why?
A tie between MS SQL Server and Maria DB. I have lots of experience with SQL Server and it's easy to find technical support because it's so widely used. Maria DB is what I hope will be more popular in the future, and consequently easier to find technical support when the community is larger.

I choose mariadb
The goal for Maria-DB is to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL – with more features and better performance.
MariaDB is based on the corresponding version of MySQL, if one exists. For example, MariaDB 5.1.53 is based on MySQL 5.1.53, with some added bug fixes, additional storage engines, new features, and performance improvements. Versions of MariaDB that do not have an equivalently numbered version of MySQL (e.g., MariaDB 5.2.4) contain major new features the developers felt warranted a new version number. When comparing the two here, I’ll focus on the additional features of MariaDB.

Galera is a new kind of clustering engine which, unlike traditional MySQL master-slave replication, provides master-master replication and thus enables a new kind of scalability architecture for MySQL/MariaDB. Despite that Galera development already started in 2007, it has never been a part of the official Oracle MySQL version while both Percona and MariaDB flavors have shipped a Galera based cluster version for years.
Galera support will be even better in MariaDB 10.1, as it will be included in the main version (and not anymore in a separate cluster version) and enabling Galera clustering is just a matter of activating the correct configuration parameters in any MariaDB server installation.

Mariadb  is use in my website.
MariaDB has developed some interesting prototype features that MySQL does not have yet.
MariaDB is also purely open source, instead of the dual-licensing model that MySQL uses. Some plugins that are available only for MySQL Enterprise customers have equivalent open-source implementations in MariaDB (example: thread pool).
Also, the future of MariaDB is uncertain. It is developed mainly by a small company that may not have as strong a future as Oracle.

Have I ever used MariaDB? I think he has a lot of advantages, such as the Maria storage engine, PBXT storage engine, XtraDB storage engine, but sometimes it is very unstable, hope to improve the look, I think it is best to use MySQL because it is strong and stable but sometimes there are loopholes so I am very worried, but I believe that MariaDB may replace MySQL in the future and this is my personal opinion, hope to adopt.

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