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Installation recommendations of server management assistant BT for new starters (for Linux)

More Posted time:Apr 12, 2017 15:31 PM
Currently only CentOS 5.x, 6.x and 7.x are supported;
Software included:
nginx1.8 - 1.10
PHP5.2 - 7.1 (optional in installation. Multi-version coexistence supported. Zendloader included except in PHP7.0 and PHP7.1)
MySQL5.5 - 5.7 (optional in installation)
Web online panel

System requirements:
Memory: above 128 MB. Recommended: above 512 MB
Disk: At least 4 GB of available space
Others: The operating system must be clean with no Apache/nginx/PHP/MySQL components for other environments installed

1. View the server resource status online;
2. One-click site building (including establishment of FTP and databases, within just one second);
3. Daily management and backup of websites, FTP, and databases;
4. Firewall port management;
5. SSH services and port management;
6. Powerful online file management system that supports batch uploads and downloads, file copy, move, delete and online edit operations, online preview of images, directory compression, and (zip, tar.gz) decompression features.
7. Easy web-version terminal
8. Optional LNMP or LAMP environment
9. Supporting one-click setup of SSL site

Installation preparations:
1. Mount the data disk to the /www directory
2. Make sure no other environment packages are installed
Installation commands:
Enter the server and input:
yum -y install screen wget && screen -S bt
After the installation is complete, the page will jump to a new window. Input:
wget -O install.sh && sh install.sh

Select the download line

Select the wap version to install

Select the PHP version to install

Select the database version

Confirm your selected versions for installation

The following prompt indicates the installation is successful

Visit the panel using your IP address and port number and make the settings, such as: http://ip:888

You can add multiple PHP versions. The command is as follows: (You can add more than once for running)
wget -O install.sh && sh install.sh add

Installation instructions:
1. You can choose one or more PHP versions to install. If you select 7 or 8, you can select the PHP version when creating a website
2. Unless necessary, it is not recommended to install MySQL5.7
3. The integrated environment of this panel adopts the source code installation approach. Depending on server performance, the installation process may take 40 to 300 minutes
4. If you choose a single PHP version, you can add the PHP version through the command below as necessary: sh /www/server/install.sh add
5. If you discover you have chosen a wrong MySQL version after completing the compilation, you can recompile MySQL using the following command without re-installation: sh /www/server/install.sh mysql
6. If the SSH connection is interrupted during your installation process, you don't need to reinstall it after the reconnection. Enter "screen-r bt" and the previous installation progress can be restored
7. If you want to add a plug-in for PHP or nginx, you need to use the compiler package which can be found in the src directory in the corresponding installation directory

Frequently-used commands:
nginx service management: service nginx {start|stop|restart|reload}
Apache service management: service httpd {start|stop|restart|reload}
MySQL service management: service mysqld {start|stop|restart|reload}
FTP service management: service pure-ftpd {start|stop|restart}
PHP service management: service php-fpm-{52|53|54|55|56|70} {start|stop|restart|reload}
BT interface service management: service yunclient {start|stop}
Integrated web panel:
We have integrated a set of very useful panels. You can use them following the methods below:
Panel address: http://{your server IP address}:888
Initialization: Initialization configuration is required for the first use. Please follow the prompts to fill in the configuration information
Login: Log in using the account and password used in the initialization configuration
Panel features: Website management, FTP management, database management, file management, firewall management
Note 1: Since the panel involves the file management feature, please initialize the panel immediately after the installation, and do not set a too simple password.
Note 2: Although we have implemented protective mechanisms for the system's key directories, it is not recommended you operate on the system's key directories.

Directory structure:
/www/wwwroot                    Site directory
/www/wwwroot/default               Web panel directory
/www/server/nginx/conf/vhost         nginx website configuration directory
/www/server/nginx                nginx installation directory
/www/server/apache/conf/vhost        Apache website configuration directory
/www/server/apache                Apache installation directory
/www/server/mysql                MySQL installation directory
/www/server/php                  PHP installation directory
/www/server/pure-ftpd              FTP installation directory
/www/server/data                 Database file directory
View default information cat /www/server/default.pl

How to uninstall:  
Command: sh /www/server/uninstall.sh
Warning: All the environment packages installed using BT will be uninstalled. The nginx configuration files, pure-ftpd database, MySQL database directories will be automatically backed up to /www/backup/oldServer, but the integrity of the backup is not guaranteed. It is recommended you back up the data on your own before the uninstallation.

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