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[Share]About the automatical page redirection of AliCloud websites

More Posted time:Dec 9, 2015 13:50 PM
About the automatical page redirection of AliCloud websites

Dear Users,
Recently there’re questions on the automatical page redirection between AliCloud China and international websites. Here are some tips for your reference.
The global website of AliCloud ( was launched in early Nov., to provide internationalized services to users out of China, including products specialized for global users, local languages support and dollar payment service. Accordingly the original AliCloud website ( will
mainly focus on Chinese mainland users (identified by country in registration)

To help the new users saving time on figuring out which website to choose, we have set up the auto-redirection mechanism, by which the website will automatically redirect you to the website based on your IP address or registration country of your account when you visit the websites.  If there’re still questions, you may check the FAQ below:

Q1: Why do I see English version while I used to see Chinese version of the website?
A:  Language was chosen based on your choice of last time visit or browse language preference. Your choice of last time will take priority if both present. Please note you can change the language in language selection bar on the right-top corner of page at any time

Q2: I have an international website account. Why am I still being redirected to China website and console?
A:  Please note user who registered and have purchased before Nov 2nd 2015 on will be identified as China website user even if the registration country is not China Mainland.  Please file ticket if you want to be migrated to international website of AliCloud.

Q3: Why can I not find the product document of Chinese version?
A: Currently the international website ( only provides the product documents of English version.

Q4: How can I visit the help topic and documents in Chinese?
A:  If your reading habit is Chinese, you can use the following ways to visit Help Center and Document Center of China website:
Logout your international account, and clear the cookies of your browser, visit for Help Center and Document Center.

Q5: Can I choose Chinese language in the international website?
A:  Please note both Chinese and English are provided for most pages so far. You can switch to the other language using the language selection bar on the right-top corner of the page at any time. We are working hard to provide Help Center and Document Center in Chinese. Please refer to Q4 If you want to access the Help Center and Document Center of China website.

For questions not addressed above, we STRONGLY recommend you to submit a ticket in Console,our post-service team will be happy to help you.


Forum Admin,
Dec. 2015

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