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44,000 blackmail incidents by encrypting files in 114 countries - How can we prevent such attacks?

More Posted time:Mar 9, 2017 13:35 PM

According to the “Annual Hotspots: Report on Blackmail by Encrypting Files” released by Kaspersky in December 2016, there had been 114 countries subject to the influence of blackmail by encrypting files by 2016, and over 44,000 ransomware samples had been found.
A study report released by AsiaInfor Security on ransomware risk also shows that the quantity of ransomware spreading over the world in recent ten months has increased by 15 times, and that in China has increased by over 67 times.

As shown in the figure above, if an enterprise is blackmailed, it will be demanded to make a ransom; or otherwise the encrypted files will no longer be unlocked. Foreign researchers also found that some ransomware targeted at Linux servers, and some new ransomware had integrated DDoS function.
Since ransomware started to spread, the Alibaba Cloud Security Team has advised security reinforcement and emergency to cloud-based users, researched and developed ransomware virus checking and killing features, involved white hats to “give suggestions and solutions” and joined hands with the white hats to prevent occurrence of such blackmail and protect business security.
As a corporate information manager or security or technological operation officer, have you ever been blackmailed? How can we effectively prevent occurrence of such blackmail?
This topic is presented for us to air our views on what and how enterprises may do to enhance the security and guarantee the security and stability of cloud-based businesses.
• Have you or any of your friends ever been blackmailed?
• Do you think there is no alternative but to pay ransoms?
• What preventive measures have you ever taken and how about the effect?
• You may share your experience, give suggestions or propose resort for common discussion.