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[Tianchi Competition]Questions About Dataset

More Posted time:Feb 14, 2017 20:42 PM
Can anybody help me with the following information about the dataset?

1- What is meant by 'category name 1,2,3'? What does it signifies?
2- counting of the visitors is based on user-pay or both(user-pay and user-view). What I understand from these two datasets is that, user-view file contains users which browse online through the app while user-pay actually buy offline from them. Is this correct? In user-view we do not care whether customer buys or not?


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Posted time:Feb 16, 2017 10:26 AM
1 - It indicates the category name of different level. cate_1_name is the most general category of the shops and cate_3_name is most detailed. These together describe the store's business content.
For example:
cate_1_name 超市便利店(supermarkets & convenience stores)
cate_2_name 超市(supermarkets)
cate_3_name NULL
cate_1_name 美食(Foods)
cate_2_name 休闲茶饮(Tea)
cate_3_name ,饮品/甜点(Drinks / Desserts)

2 - Yes, you are right!