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[Company news]Stay Undisturbed for Blackmail by Overseas Hackers: AliCloud is Here by Your Side

More Posted time:Dec 2, 2015 17:51 PM
Stay Undisturbed for Blackmail by Overseas Hackers: AliCloud is Here by Your Side

November 29th, 2015 by AliCloud

Recently, Armada Collective and other overseas hacker organizations have stirred up a public sensation by blackmailing globally with DDoS.
It is reported that some domestic websites have been attacked.
Though AliCloud and the AliCloud customers are not affected at present, we feel obligated to announce that: AliCloud has already got fully prepared for the
possible attack, and we will work together with guarding forces such as the operators to help customers to resist the network attack, securing the stable
operation of the network economy in China.
Apart from that, AliCloud is willing to share security protection capability with domestic enterprises. Whether they are AliCloud platform users or not, we
will offer them the same support for defense against malicious attacks.
AliCloud will provide contingency technical consultation for all the victims of DDoS attacks.
As a leading service provider in the cloud computing industry in China and backed by the security capability accumulated by Alibaba Group over the past
decade, AliCloud has developed a series of security protection products and services such as Anti-DDOS.
Previously, AliCloud joined hands with operators and resolved the most serious DDoS attack (up to 453.8 Gbps) in the Internet history worldwide.
 November 29th, 2015
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