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Linux+JAVA+Tomcat to build website

More Posted time:Feb 7, 2017 9:54 AM
Hello , I am China user, I was first time using alibaba
  cloud product in October 9, 2016 .
 The Alibaba cloud web page give me an impression is very advanced.
 In this tutorial  I will talk about how to deploy tomcat to Alibaba
  cloud server with Linux.
 1.First step we need to sure our ECS is on duty.
 2.You can change the password because the original one is complex and not
  good to remember.
 3.download the putty(open license) software and input your server public IP
  address to login with superuser account like root.
 4.download another sofrwate Winscp(if you OS is windows) and drag the JDK(I
  suggest  JDK1.7 or above,and gz packet for linux)and tomcat to your
5.In this time,
  your server has Tomcat and jdk,then using tar -zvxf your jdk packet to unzip.
  you can see the bin folder after the unzip operation.if you have no right to
  modify this file, you can use chmod 777 filename to unlock the file.
 6.After unzip,you can see the bin folder having java and javac.these command
  just like windows, javac is to compile source code and java is to run .class
 7.you need to modify your OS path in linux. using command vim
  /etc/profile and add your JDK path in it.  .
 8.After step seven, you can type java -version in any path in linux,do not
  need to CD to jdk folder. It will show you the jdk version you own.
 9.tomcat is same things to jdk , you need to unzip it
tar -xzvf  apache-tomcat.tar.gz, and you can see the tomcat
  folder. and CD to bin folde.you can type ./start.sh to run the tomcat
  container in bin path.
 10.you can browse your server using
http://public IP
  address:8080. If you can see the tomcat page, It proves you are successful to
  run the server.

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