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Alibaba Cloud Tech Share - SSR free flow mobile mode

More Posted time:Feb 5, 2017 23:19 PM
SSR build, configuration, applicable to aliyun ECS servers

SSR introduction: an excellent proxy software, the intention is to allow more users to surf the web, became free flow
"SSR free flow mode: free flow port and confusion parameters, the free flow of common port: 137 138 8080,80 443 440 3389, mobile telecom: 189 8080,80 443 440 3389, Unicom: 8080,80,53 (air card), 130 131 132 155 156 185 186 145 176 443 440 3389; confused parameters are the free flow of Web site, due to the recent harmony a lot, do not write, please collect the test automatically
F more SSR client download: Android, or Baidu, IOS login wingy store to download (free), LIFI (free), netkit (charge), pototso (commonly known as potatoes, charges), S-S (commonly known as small rockets, with the best, but the charge), or using a computer terminal connected directly download S-S mobile phone Ace assistant (free of charge, recommended the method)

The SSR Install
[size=12.0000pt] a, ready for your server, confirm account (usually root) and password, the system recommended Centos6 * 64
[size=12.0000pt] two, mobile phone with juicessh connection server, the tutorial is as follows
#juicessh tutorial
0 enter juicessh
1 upper connection
2 lower right corner +
3 nickname random, type SSH, address your server IP, port default by the same as the 22 (mapping port and self port except)
4 new certification
5 nickname random, the user name is generally root, password fill your server password
6 √.
7 √.
8 you set the configuration, such as no nickname is named after the server IP
9 if there is no accident, it will automatically log on the server, if prompted you to enter the password, and then again on the line, remember to save the input point
10 to enter the server, you can run the code, the local keyboard hand or copy paste can be

Three, the computer with xshell connection server, the tutorial is as follows
Xshell download
0 enter xshell
1, the upper left corner of the document
2, the new point
3, the name is optional, the agreement SSH, the host of your server IP, the default port of 22 unchanged (except for the port and the port)
4, determine
5, select the configuration set double-click open
6, prompted to enter the account number and password, remember to save the input point
7, after entering the server, you can run the code, the local keyboard hand or copy paste can be
[size=12.0000pt] four, enter the server, you can run the SSR code, with Ximen Chuixue recommended here, of course, can also use other online code, many
WGet and Bash SSR
Five, after the operation, you will be prompted to set the port and password, the port is generally moving at 137, 138, 8080, China Unicom and Telecom is between 80 and 8080, depending on the specific settings of their own circumstances
Six, after the end of the run will appear configuration information (red font), please be sure to keep in mind, it is best to save the screenshot, so as not to forget
[size=12.0000pt] seven, SSR commonly used commands

#SSR commands
Start: /etc/init.d/s-s start
Stop: /etc/init.d/s-s stop
Reboot: /etc/init.d/s-s restart
Status: /etc/init.d/s-s status
Uninstall (only this tutorial Ximen Chuixue script): WGet & & bash SSR uninstall
Eight, SSR modify password, configure multi port

#SSR modify password, configure multi port tutorial
1, enter VI /etc/s-s.json
2. Press "I" to enter the edit mode
"Server": "",
"Local_address": "",
"Local_port": 1081,
"Port_password": {
"Port 1": "password 1"",
"Port 2": "password 2"",
"Port 3": "password 3"",
"Port 4": "password 4""
"Timeout": 120,
"Udp_timeout": 60,
"Method": "chacha20",
"Protocol": "auth_sha1_compatible",
"OBFS": "http_simple_compatible",
"Dns_ipv6": false,
"Connect_verbose_info": 0,
"Fast_open": false,
"Workers": 1
3, press ESC to return, enter: WQ enter save
4, enter the /etc/init.d/s-s restart restart SSR
5, if not networking, close the firewall (one input)
Service iptables stop
Chkconfig iptables off
The SSR mobile phone terminal configuration (Android, IOS authors are not familiar with your own learning)

#SSR software configuration tutorial
0 enter SSR
1 configuration name optional
2 server your IP
3 remote port
4 local port default
5 password you set the password
6 encryption method chacha20
7 protocol auth-sha1
8 confusion http-simple
9 fill in the corresponding parameters of the operator to avoid the flow of URLs, many online
10 point upper right plane Icon
11, let SSR software in the background
12, Baidu input "IP" return
13, if the show is your server IP that proved successful configuration
14, the next step is to test the method can avoid traffic, is to shut down the network switch, several flight mode, 5 minutes to open the network after SSR mobile app query traffic connection according to the above tutorial, then download about 5M files, then repeated at the beginning of the network open flight for 5 minutes and then check if the flow. Flow no less, to prove that 99% free flow of success
15, pay attention to, SSR software must be kept in the background operation, otherwise it will buckle flow
       The end.
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