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Best Method to Convert Excel to vCard on Mac

More Posted time:Jan 16, 2023 11:17 AM
We are all familiar with Microsoft Excel and its functions. Many users use excel to save their contact information. However, there is no way available to import contacts to your phone when required. To easily access the contacts saved in the excel spread, users need to export the data in vCard format. To easily import contacts from Excel to iPhone, Gmail, Outlook, etc. I recommend using the MacSonik Excel to vCard converter for Mac. This is a risk-free tool that helps to export contacts to vCard, TXT, and CSV file format securely maintaining the data originality throughout the process. The Excel to vCard converter tool also helps to convert Excel files of any size and prevents any data alteration.

Steps to Convert Excel to vCard File Format-
1. Download and Launch the MacSonik Excel to vCard Converter on your Mac.
 2. Click on the Browse Excel file button.
3. Add the Excel file that has the contacts and choose the Excel field that has the contacts and the vCard field in which you want to import contacts.
4. Finally, click on the Convert button to import your contacts.
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