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[Activities]Global developers flock in to The Computing Conference 2015-【with VIDEO】

More Posted time:Nov 25, 2015 20:35 PM
Global developers flock in to The Computing Conference 2015

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The Computing Conference 2015 (Yunqi Conference) was inaugurated at Yunqi Town on Oct
The conference was designed for 20,000 world developers. However, more than 24,000 have signed up for this event, forcing the conference organizing committee to close the registration channel 10 days ahead of schedule. With the developers who watched the event live at the official website of AliCloud counted, the total number of participants to the conference is by far the world’s largest.
In 2014, 8,000 developers participated in The Computing Conference while the number in 2013 was 3,000. There were 19,000 developers participating in this year’s Amazon Appstore Developer Summit which is also one of the world’s largest developer conferences.
Data provided by the organizing committee show that the registration channel opened in late August and 500 people signed up on average every day. The registration peak was in the two days after the National Day holiday, with registered participants numbering up to 2,386 daily. During the conference, the official website had more than 1 million visitors.
The tickets of Yunqi Conference were really in short supply and beyond imagination for a science and technology conference. The organizing committee said all participants must register and take part according to registration criteria and even government officials could not enter without a ticket.

Why did a conference on cloud computing and entrepreneurship for developers become such a hit? Analysis shows that participants under the age of 35 accounted for 80 percent, with many under 20 years old. In terms of the number of participants, domestic provinces Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing and Guangdong were shown to be the top five. There were also nearly 100 people from Tibet. Globally, in addition to traditional IT powers including the United States, India and Israel, there were also many developers from Lebanon, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates.
“When the conference of innovation and entrepreneurship is as popular as a concert, I think this proves that it is an era for entrepreneurs,” an engineer said. He arrived in Hangzhou for the conference three days in advance from Sichuan province. “Hangzhou has an impressive entrepreneurial atmosphere,” he added.
A developer from Hainan province said the Yunqi Conference was about the developers’ own stories and the experience and thinking were very valuable. “I have a strong resonance with the story shared by Yitu Technology’s co-founder Lin Chenxi. His experience solved many of my puzzles,” he said. The Yunqi conference had as many as 36 experience-sharing sessions.
The Yunqi Conference has a better “grassroots base” compared with other conferences, according to the conference staff. The venue of this conference
was in Yunqi town, which has a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere. Five years ago, webmasters played the major role of the conference, but, on this day, developers of the Internet of Things and cloud computing were the stars. The Yunqi Conference aims to provide momentums for mass innovation and
entrepreneurship. The topics of the conference including biological recognition, deep learning, the Internet of Things and intelligent hardware were all concerns of the attendant developers.
Supporters and advocators for entrepreneurs such as Li Qiang, the governor of Zhejiang province, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba Group, Gou Tai-ming, chairman of Foxconn, and Pan Jianwei, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, all participated in the conference. They also launched a series of initiatives to facilitate developers.
“With the help of developers, cloud computing is benefiting more and more people. The developers are changing the world,” said Wang Jian, CTO of Alibaba Group. He added that science and technology innovators are always the lead roles at the Yunqi Conference. “Cloud computing is making the world flat to unleash human creativity. The Yunqi Conference is the platform to showcase the creativity,” Wang concluded.

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