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AliCloud ECS 2.0 is coming--15 new products launch released in The Computing Conference 2015

More Posted time:Nov 25, 2015 20:14 PM
AliCloud ECS 2.0 is coming

AliCloud released 15 new products, following its previous release of 11 products in July, at the grand annual Computing Conference (Yunqi Conference) on Oct 14 and 15, unveiling the official entrance of the ECS 2.0 era. Those groundbreaking products included the full upgrading of ECS, full support for Xen and KVM and a leap of disk performance while ensuring data availability as well as new features such as the HPC beta version, ACE, ECS tags, AliCloud Message Service and AliCloud Media Transcoding.

Into its 7th year, AliCloud, with six years of technological advances, now provides a number of one-stop services in the cloud computing infrastructure sector covering domain name, website record-filing, parsing, computing, networking, storage, database, security, massive data analysis and Internet middleware. To date, AliCloud has entered the world’s top ranks in many areas.

This is China’s first GPU-based HPC (high-performance computing) cloud platform designed for deep learning. It provides exclusive dual K40 GPU physical machines. Currently, AliCloud HPC cloud platform is helping a number of biometric innovative enterprises including Deepglint and Face++ with their success.
The GPU-based HPC cloud platform demonstrated its processing strength at the deep learning session on Oct 14. It conducted full voice recognition and automatic extraction of the speeches of all guest speakers. This recognition process is as accurate as human shorthand.

The ECS has also entered the 2.0 era. AliCloud is one of the few enterprises in the world that supports Xen and KVM at the same time. AliCloud also released IO-optimized instances. With SSD CloudDisks, the instance enjoys greatly enhanced disk performance with better data security.

AliCloud Media Transcoding is a transcoding computing service tailored to multimedia data. Based on the AliCloud cloud computing service, the service
saves the costly transcoding software and hardware and all the complexities in legacy transcoding deployment. Meanwhile, the elastic scaling of cloud
computing service provides on-demand transcoding to maximize business efficiency.

ACE (AliCloud Cloud Engine) is an elastic distributed hosting environment for applications and supports Java, PHP, Python, Node.js and other languages. It facilitates developers to quickly develop and deploy server-side applications and simplifies system maintenance. A variety of distributed extension services of ACE are available as a powerful boost for the application.

AliCloud Message Service helps application developers pass data freely on distributed components and build loose coupling systems.

AliCloud also launched new features such as user-defined image upload and ECS tags. AliCloud will launch robust server models for games with 300,000 PPS and 20G exclusive network in the vertical business area. There will be more data centers set up on a global scale to provide the fastest and most accessible nodes for developers around the world.

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