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Reliable Technique to Sync iCloud Contacts with Outlook

More Posted time:Jan 6, 2023 12:03 PM
If you're looking for a way to sync iCloud contacts with Outlook, this post will guide you through the process. The manual procedure is mentioned below:

Step 1: Export iCloud Contacts in vCard Format
1. Sign in to iCloud with the user ID and Password.
2. Go to contacts.
3. Click on settings and choose the Select All option.
4. Tap that icon again and choose the Export vCard option.
5. Control-click the file so exported and hit the Open With>Microsoft Outlook option.
Step 2: Import MS Outlook Contacts to iCloud
1. Open and Run Outlook on your mac machine and click People.
2. Select the required contacts and right-click on them.
3. Click the Forward as vCard option and send the contacts to yourself as email attachments. Download the contacts.
4. Go to
5. Finally, tap the settings icon and click the Import vCard option and import the downloaded contacts.

The above process is lengthy and may result in data loss. Therefore, I would suggest using the MacSonik iCloud Backup Tool for Mac to safely and securely migrate iCloud contacts in bulk. This tool maintains data security and integrity throughout the process.

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Posted time:Jun 22, 2023 13:13 PM
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